New Zealand's Art is So Impressive!

Impressive collection of NZ contemporary art to be auctioned

Here is another article about beautiful New Zealand's Art. Such a great work:


A little bit about New Zealand's Art

Last of Wellington's great private art collections to go under the hammer.

Have a look at the beautiful Frank and Lyn Corner's collection of 20th-century New Zealand art, which, I guess, was sold few months ago.

Rita Angus' Storm, Hawke's Bay (see the picture for this article) was expected to sell for between $400,000 and $600,000. 

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Great ART tips for you!

Check this reading out. It is simple and great, including such useful tips as: DRY BRUSH, WASHING, STIPPLING, SPLATTERING, DABBING, PALETTE KNIFE, etc.

13 Acrylic Painting Techniques All Beginners Should Try -

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Do you guys remember those old popular holographic pictures?

Holographic pictures were very popular decades ago, I can still remember my friends purchased magazines and tried to see something on those pics, where I couldn't see most of the images...

Did you know why and how that thing appear and what this transformed into now?

Here are 2 great and awesome writings just for you, my friends: - history of Holography. - No more science fiction: 3D holographic images.