Do you guys remember those old popular holographic pictures?

Holographic pictures were very popular decades ago, I can still remember my friends purchased magazines and tried to see something on those pics, where I couldn't see most of the images...

Did you know why and how that thing appear and what this transformed into now?

Here are 2 great and awesome writings just for you, my friends: - history of Holography. - No more science fiction: 3D holographic images.

Hey guys, what do you think about Old, but very POPULAR kind of ART - Origami?

Have a look at these two wonderful and artistic Art creatures:

But, wait, here is MORE!!! -

This video is absolutely MUST - SEE - the girl makes perfectly incredible masterpieces in origami -

Put all your thoughts below, I'd like to discuss this amazing kind of art with YOU, my friends!

23 Hilarious Art History Memes That Pretty Much Nailed It

"When it's lit, but they won't let you in the club because you're Satan's mythical bat servant."


Watch this HILARIOUS video out!


Watch this cute cats video out below, guys - And try not to laugh. Stay serious and comment out below, who managed to stay calm while was watching it!