Good morning, everyone

Have you ever thought what success is? In my point of view - "Success is believing you can".

How many of you who would love to learn how to paint and become a popular artist, but have never even tried to paint, because they think they just cannot?


I totally agree with Celestine Chua - "Success is 99% attitude and just 1% aptitude".

Here is one useful link I found in Google, where different painting tips are demonstrated along with different painting technologies and techniques. Depends on your tastes and desires, you can have a look and select what technique suits you!

And one important tip from me: It is always better for you to try different techniques, so you can compare and select the best one for yourself.

Good luck, guys, and you can always make your comments and suggestions here.

Oh yes, New Zealand's nature in just amazing, therefore I can definitely tell it inspires a lot for me as for the painter!

Here is the proof: