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Top Quality New Zealand Art on Your Request:

Top Quality New Zealand Art on Your Request:

The shortest Video Ever

The shortest video ever.

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Top 10 Oil Painting Tips from Johannes Vloothuis

Have a look here, if you want to become a professional Painter !!! Great paint tips from popular and famous Johannes Vloothuis -


24 Painting Life Hacks You Have To Try

Back, to teaching you how to paint great or just a few awesome tips for you, how you can easily create Your masterpiece!!!!!

Hurry up to have a look here, my darling friends:


10 Great Artists From New Zealand

Somewhere between fantasy and reality you find New Zealand’s contemporary art scene. From taxidermists to toymakers, these varied artists know how to tell a story.

Have a look at these fascinating masterpieces and the names of their authors!

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The Most Satisfying Art Video In The World Ever! Most Oddly Satisfying Videos

Nice art video link with beautiful modern music:

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New Zealand's Art is So Impressive!

Impressive collection of NZ contemporary art to be auctioned

Here is another article about beautiful New Zealand's Art. Such a great work:


A little bit about New Zealand's Art

Last of Wellington's great private art collections to go under the hammer.

Have a look at the beautiful Frank and Lyn Corner's collection of 20th-century New Zealand art, which, I guess, was sold few months ago.

Rita Angus' Storm, Hawke's Bay (see the picture for this article) was expected to sell for between $400,000 and $600,000. 

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The 10 best paintings of all time, ranked

Here are TOP 10 Best Masterpieces at all time! Have a look here:

This is such an inspiration piece of reading for all of you who want to know more about arts! Highly recommended article.

Hyperrealistic Portrait | Pencil Drawing Time-lapse

Truely hyperrealistic Portrait video for you guys:

I personally think, not everyone can handle it, but the guy has done it really great, He got 416,573 views result for the last year, which is not bad at all! 

Great Tips to Design a Great Business Card!

Designing a Business Card: 50 Awesome Case Studies (And What You Can Learn From Them):